• How much hiking? Although this adventure does not involve excessive hiking, we do walk through potentially wet, and muddy conditions. A 15-20-minute walk on an asphalt path with stairs is required to view Thurston Lava Tube.
    • Will I see lava? Volcanic viewing conditions can change very fast. For this reason, we cannot guarantee lava viewing conditions. However, it is very consistent to observe the brilliant glow of a lava lake inside Halema’uma’u Crater from the Jaggar Museum Overlook. At times the level of the lake is high enough to see splattering and the red lake itself, but most often the lake is just below the rim, and not directly visible. To stay updated on the most recent conditions at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, you can contact our reservations department, or visit this USGS HVO website to see webcams and other scientific data.

crater rainbow 800p

  • How long is this adventure? Between 10-12 hours depending on your pickup location.
  • Where does this adventure originate? Our day begins with convenient hotel and resort pickup locations all along the west side of the Big Island. First Kailua-Kona, then as we head north we stop at Waikoloa Resort, Mauna Lani Resort, Hapuna Prince and Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. For special requests, or other general questions about our pickup points, please contact our reservations department. (808) 322-2366 or 1-(888) 322-2366.
  • Does the tour go if it’s raining? This tour travels through a variety of climates and weather conditions including potentially heavy rain and fog. As we journey around the island you will see how weather conditions can change very fast for better or worse. Tours will be canceled if we anticipate road closures or other dangerous conditions
  • What kind of clothing should I wear? It is important to be prepared for all possible conditions. We advise guests to bring several layers of clothing, a sweater or hoodie, long pants, light jacket, hat and covered shoes. We will provide umbrellas and rain ponchos.

      • What should I bring? Light snacks, sunblock, sunglasses, camera, and backup camera batteries. For environmental reasons we do not provide individual bottled water. However, we will provide large containers of clean filtered water and paper cups available all day.
      • What kinds of plants and animals might we see? As for wildlife, the list is quite long. We see the following feral animals (domestic animals gone wild): pigs, goats, sheep, mongoose, and cats. We see the following native animal’s species less frequently: Hawaiian Owl (Pueo), Hoary bat, Nene (goose), Apapane, I’O(hawk), Golden Plover. We also see many native plants. Along our route we can see Koa, Mamane, Naio, Pukiawe, Hapu’u fern and Ohia trees.
      • Is the tour fully narrated? Microphone?
        Yes, our tours are fully narrated in English. We have a high quality PA system in each van. Our guides have a wide variety of knowledge and special interest in the islands. We try to relate that information in a way that is fun, educational and appropriate to the group.
      • Do you have Japanese speaking guides?
        At this time 8/2016 we do not have a Japanese speaking guide.
      • How can I make reservations?
        You can make reservations by Phone Toll-free: 1-888-322-2366 Local, International: 808-322-2366. Or visit our reservation page on this website to secure your seats today.
    • What is your cancellation policy?
      (# of Passengers)

      1-4: 24 hours
      5-7: 44 hours
      8-10: 1 week
      11+: 2 weeksWaterfall 800p